My City in handwritten Chinese characters

Xi Xi’s novel My City was serialized in Hong Kong Express Daily.

Xi Xi’s My City was originally serialized in the Express Daily from January 30 to June 30, 1975. Xi Xi wrote a thousand words a day and drew the pictures by herself.

Below are the first nine sections, corresponding to Chapter 1 in My City as published by Hung Fan Books in 1999.

Number 1
Date of publication: 30/1/1975
Article title: “On that day”
Picture title: “It’s sleeping”

Number 2
Date of publication: 31/1/1975
Article title: “A Sunday”
Picture title: “All are sparrows”

Number 3
Date of publication: Undated (probably 1/2/1975)
Picture title: “A pile of faces fall out”

Number 4
Date of publication: 2/2/1975
Picture title: “A sunny morning”

Number 5
Date of publication: 3/2/1975
Article title: “A Sunday morning”
Picture title: “The snow is falling”

Number 6
Date of publication: 4/2/1975
Picture title: “Reading a newspaper”

Number 7
Date of publication: 5/2/1975
Picture title: “Protest against Sunday rain”

Number 8
Date of publication: 6/2/1975
Article title: “It’s afternoon”
Picture title: “Big Ben suddenly strikes”

Number 9
Date of publication: 7/2/1975
Picture title: “In a painting behind the door”

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