The Teddy Bear Chronicles was published by Joint Publishing Hong Kong and Hung Fan Books.

From The Teddy Bear Chronicles, “Teddies on Tour”

“To make my first teddy bear, I used yellow mohair, a type of wool that comes from the fleece of the Angora goat. It is light enough to carry around with me and take when I go traveling. In Holland, I saw some very fine, miniature porcelain clogs. I bought a pair and slung them over my little bear’s arm. He flew with me, so I found some feathers for him, and named him ‘Yellow Flying Bear’. And thus my bear-making life began. When I was rummaging through a pile of teddy bear books one day, I thought to myself, besides pandas, how come there aren’t any Chinese teddy bears?”

The Teddy Bears, trans. Sanderson (CUHK Press, 2020) p158, from “Teddies on Tour”.

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