Xi Xi’s identity card photo, 1947.

Xi Xi was born in Pudong, Shanghai, and attended primary school there.

Xi Xi’s real name is Cheung Yin. Her ancestors were from Zhongshan, Guangdong, but Xi Xi was born in Pudong, Shanghai in 1937. She attended primary school in Shanghai. Originally she lived in Tongfu Road (now Jing’an District) in the British Concession, but after the Anti-Japanese War the family moved to No. 2, Lane 345, West Yan’an Road (formerly known as Daxi Road and Zhongzheng West Road). Jing’an Temple is nearby. Also there is Zhaofeng Park in the far west, where Xi Xi caught tadpoles in the park when she was young, and there is Yuyuan Road nearby.

However, the old house has been demolished and turned into a viaduct. In the third grade, Xi Xi’s primary school was on Xinzha Road. It was called the No. 1 National School of the 10th District of Shanghai Municipality, and is now called the No. 1 Central Primary School of Jing’an District, Shanghai. When she was young, Xi Xi often accompanied her parents to the Cantonese-style teahouse called “Big Three Yuan” (now demolished).

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Xi Xi and Hong Kong

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