Weaving Nests, a novel, was published by Hung Fan Books.

Excerpt from Weaving Nests

Xi Xi: Prelude to Weaving Nests

Weaving Nests is a sequel to Birds of Passage. It is also a love story, but in a general sense.

Since I was not satisfied with the ending of Birds of Passage serialized in the newspaper, I only published the first volume, which is the self-account of the older sister Su Su. There are more than 10,000 characters in the second part about the younger sister Yin Yin, which I kept in my drawer. Yin Yin is based on my younger sister… 

I attach great importance to fictional forms. Su Su tells her story in chronological order; the second volume turns to Yin Yin’s story—they are not twins, so it shouldn’t be the same, but of course,  it shouldn’t be completely different, either. I don’t want to repeat my way of writing. I think Weaving Nests can stand as an independent work. I have embedded in the younger sister’s stories the account of an elder sister and a mother. Hence it is a novel with three threads.



(Translations on this page are by Chen Yanyi and Jennifer Feeley)


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