The English translation of The Teddy Bear Chronicles by Christina Sanderson was published by the Chinese University Press.

Christina Sanderson’s new translation belongs to a series of Hong Kong literature works brought out by CUHK Press in 2020. Excerpts from her translation of The Teddy Bear Chronicles have appeared online.

“The delightful pieces in The Teddy Bear Chronicles belong to a long and venerable tradition in Chinese literature, of quirky memoirs and casual personal essays, sometimes lyrical, sometimes telling a story. These miniatures might record a distant memory, a fleeting dream, or some recent experience. They were often written around a theme that had exercised a particular fascination (sometimes an obsession) on their author: strange creatures, eccentric habits, unusual pastimes. This type of thing we call in Chinese the informal literature of ‘jottings’ (biji wenxue). . . . the biji essay creates around itself a leisurely world of its own. It projects a view of the world in which things (sometimes the tiniest things) are brought into sharp but effortless focus. . . . Xi Xi’s bear-essays are a suburb and modern re-incarnation of this form.”

John Minford. “Preface” to The Teddy Bear Chronicles, translated by Christina Sanderson (CUHK Press, 2020), p. xiv-xv.

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