Deer Hunt , a novel, was published by Su Yeh Publications.

Excerpt from Xi Xi’s Deer Hunt

“Almurtide, what are you going to do in Mulan?”

“Accompany the emperor on a deer hunt,” Almurtide said.

“Are you a deer whistler?”

“I am,” Almurtide said.

“There’s a huge deer we’re going to hunt for.”

“A huge deer?” Almurtide asked.

“Yes, we’re going to hunt for a super huge deer.”

“A super huge deer?” Almurtide repeated.

“Yes, a super huge deer.”


Critics’ views on Deer Hunt

Kwan Sau-King: “An Analysis of Deer Hunt”

Deer Hunt is a historical novel set against the backdrop of the Qianlong Emperor’s hunting expeditions…It is written from the perspectives of three types of characters: the emperor, officials, and civilians, with the contrast between the emperor and civilians being the most obvious. Their relationships are based on hunting. These hunting relationships can be divided into two types, explicit and implicit, symbolizing an intended or unintended harm between the  emperor and  civilians.


(Translations on this page are by Chen Yanyi and Jennifer Feeley)

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