A Girl Like Me and Other Stories, edited by Eva Hung, was published by Renditions Paperbacks in 1986 and then reappeared in an enlarged edition in 1996.

About Xi Xi’s A Girl Like Me

A Girl Like Me and Other Stories was first published in 1986 by Renditions Paperbacks, and then appeared in an expanded edition in 1996. 


Critics’ views on A Girl Like Me and Other Stories

From the afterward by Stephen Soong

“Xi Xi is very much a writer “Made in Hong Kong.” The Hong Kong environment may not be very conducive to creative writing, but writers can at least pursue their goals without having to care too much about the pressures of tradition, or politics, or fads of one kind or another. . . . Xi Xi grew up in a free society, a society with its own unique pattern of development. She has been able on the one hand to stand outside the main currents of contemporary Chinese literature, and on the other hand, although she received an English-style education, she was not unduly influenced. . . . [T]he problems Xi Xi touches upon are those most Chinese are concerned with: the causes of political order and disorder, the relationship between ruler and people, etc. Her writing technique differs from that of her predecessors, but in the end Xi Xi is very much a Chinese writer.”

– Stephen C. Soong. “Building a House: Introducing Xi Xi.” (trans Kwok-kan Tam), Afterward to A Girl Like Me and Other Stories (Renditions Paperbacks, 1996), p. 133-34.



(Translations on this page are by Chen Yanyi and Jennifer Feeley)


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